SoccerCollection oHG — Software für Fussball-Trainer

Soccer Diagram

With the help of a soccer diagram the administrative aspects of the coach’s job can not only be simplified, but also be arranged more effectively. Amongst the management and analysis, also scouting and training are a part oft the soccer software. SoccerCollection developed their various software in partnership with numerous coaches, clubs, leagues, agents and soccer academies and the result is a software that is easy to use, developed by licensed coaches from the professional, amateur and youth levels of the sport. The software not only provides team management, including organization, soccer diagram, statistics, match and practice planning, but also scouting, including match and player analysis and training, including exercise design and an exercise collection.

SoccerCollection offers SoccerTeam, a team-management program, SoccerScout for talent scouting and also customized versions of SoccerScout Professional and SoccerTeam Professional for professional clubs and coaches. The product line is completed by the SoccerTraining series. SoccerCollection also developed a new design program in cooperation with Creative_10. All in all SoccerCollection thus offers suitable solutions for quite different demands. The software is also easy to use for people with less experience, regarding the use of computers and above that it offers also a straightforward navigation and an uncomplicated interface. Thanks to the platform SoccerWEB, the products are also web-enabled.